Questions I ask before designing a logo

So you've decided to get a logo designed by a Brisbane logo designer! Assuming you already have a brand strategy in place, your designer will usually go through a checklist to try to capture what you'd like in a logo, what it should convey, what it should represent, and so on. This helps the designer form an idea in their mind of where they think you'd like to take the logo design, rather than feeling in the dark.

When I meet clients in person or chat with them over the phone, I often get into more detailed questioning, prompted by certain words they say. The questions I ask vary with clients, but here are some general questions when I'm at the first conversation about their logo design:

  1. Is your business name confirmed - and registered? I've listed this as number one because I've had a client who approved a logo - and then decided to change their business name! So it's important to know whether the name is confirmed, otherwise it's costly to the client and designer in terms of both time and money. Importantly, also, make sure your business name has been registered - you don't want to go through the logo process and then realise someone's beaten you to it!

  2. Why did you choose your particular business name?

  3. Tell me about your business - what goods/services do you offer?

  4. What are the brand values, voice and personality of your business?

  5. If a client has an existing logo - can you show me what it is, and why the need for a new one? What do you like about the existing logo, and what don't you?

  6. Who are your business' main and direct competitors?

  7. How is your business different from its competitors?

  8. Who is your business trying to reach i.e. who is your target audience? And as much as possible, please specify this audience, in terms of gender, age range, income bracket, preferences, and so on.

  9. What should your logo convey? When people look at your logo, what/how do you want them to think, to feel, to react? Where possible, can you name me 3 adjectives that summarise these?

  10. Do you have a preference for a type of logo - just an icon, a logotype/wordmark, or a combination?

  11. In terms of style, should it be modern? traditional? simple? sophisticated? loud? friendly? corporate? subtle? and so on.

  12. Do you have a preference for the number and kind of colours it should have?

  13. Do you have a preference for a particular style of font - e.g. serif, sans serif, script, or decorative?

  14. Is there a slogan that you would like to consider incorporating into the logo? Or is it best to leave this out?

  15. What are some examples of logos you like? Even better, can you show me examples of logos you like - whether someone else's or even elements of your current logo - that you would like me to consider when designing the logo? (Google and Pinterest images are super helpful here, if you'd like to create a mood board)

Hope this checklist helps when you're thinking about a logo design - or redesign!

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